Sparky the Dragon visits Berry Hill School

The students of Berry Hill had a visit from Sparky the Dragon, the mascot for the New York Islanders.   The purpose of this in school assembly was to teach the students the importance of teamwork.  Sparky and a representative from the Islanders played a video where players on the team defined what teamwork meant to them.

After the video, Sparky choose three lucky students from the audience as well as one teacher to help him on stage.  Sparky set up a challenge for the students and Mr. Segal.  The students were one team and Mr. Segal was another team.  The challenge was to see which team would be able to dress one member in hockey goalie equipment the fastest.  The students were victorious and the audience cheered!  This illustrated how working together can lead to a successful outcome.

As a special treat, everyone was given a NY Islanders folder along with stickers to take home.  Inside the folder was information on the Blades for Grades program.  Blades for Grades rewards students for working hard in school and earning good grades.  Students can apply to the program by submitting a test they received an “A” on and in return they earn two free tickets to an Islanders game.  Looks like there will be a lot of Berry Hill students cheering on the Islanders this season!

Girls dressed up in their Islanders gear

These boys came dressed in Islanders gear to show their support for their favorite team!

All students were very spirited.

Students in Ms. Halleran’s 1st grade class made signs to hold up and cheer.

The students won the challenge.

Sparky ran into the crowd and picked the most spirited volunteers.

The student body was extremely excited to see Sparky!

Three lucky students, John, Casey and Ilana, were brought on stage.

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