Jericho Cares formed

To the Editor:

Jericho Cares is proud to officially announce our formal incorporation. We started as a grassroots organization with just a glimpse of the need in our community and the past eight months has allowed us to more fully understand those needs. Simultaneously, we have become witness to the overwhelming generosity within and surrounding our community.
Our mission, with help from other organizations, is to provide families in need with assistance. We provide sunshine on birthdays, food to help with food insecurities, and clothes to provide warmth and comfort throughout the year. We also make lives easier by providing basic supplies and gifts to brighten the holidays.
We have already shared over 30 Saturday afternoons with families living in various local motels, getting to know them and their needs. We have delivered donations ranging from socks to comforters, dishes to pet food, and cereal to toiletries. The families have enjoyed holiday
meals, school supplies and even a visit from Santa Claus. We are building a network where local residents can fulfill the needs of these families within days.
Jericho Cares is proud to stand together to help make the world a better place.  If you would like to learn more about Jericho Cares please visit our Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.  You can also make a donation through venmo to @jerichocares or by emailing us at  Stay tuned for our website coming soon!  We appreciate any and all support!
Fran O’Connor,
President, Jericho Cares

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